Creating, sending and tracking certified emails
For property owners, managers and brokers

Certified email

Contact tenants, brokers, contractors and business partners by using Pronotif certified e-mail :

  • Notice of Rent Increase
  • Amendments to lease
  • Notice of repossession
  • Notice of default
  • And other strategic documents (plans, specifications and contracts, etc.)

Undeniable advantages

  • Fast and inexpensive: Obviously faster than traditional Post, save time and money with a simple solution
  • Follow-up the transmission: Proof of receipt and opening accessible on line in real time
  • Mobility : Pronotif simplifies your life and reaches the recipient wherever he is, via his email

Proof of transmission

  • Complies with all the rules of civil proceedings in Quebec and in several other jurisdictions.

In a landlord-tenant relationship, the landlord must ensure that the tenant’s consent is obtained, that is, the acceptance of receiving communications by the specified e-mail.


The unique Pronotif dashboard allows you to view, track and be updated on the status of your emails..

Real-time tracking

Track and manage all your certified emails by viewing their status. Know exactly when your recipients have received, opened, and downloaded your notifications.

Alerts and notifications

Keep control over your communications. Be notified whenever someone interacts with your certified notifications.


Much faster and significant cost reduction
compared to registered mail services.

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500  for 1 121.25 $ (2.24 $ /notification)

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