Real-estate professionals

Communicate with tenants, brokers, contractors and business partners by using the Pronotif certified email to send them:

  • Notice of rent increase
  • Lease amendments
  • Notice of repossession
  • Notice of default
  • Offer to purchase
  • And any other strategic document (plans, specifications, and contracts, etc.)
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Legal professionals

Serve emails and documents, while obtaining a proof of transmission that is compliant and valid

  • Serve documents instantly, at a fraction of the cost of a bailiff
  • Share files securely with multiple recipients simultaneously, without fear of file size overruns
  • Retrieve documents without requiring your clients to use portals or data rooms
  • Obtain consent through the electronic signature service


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Be sure to obtain consent from your recipient. The recipient must confirm that it wishes to receive email communications. You can use the free Pronotif feature in the “Consent Requests” section to send a consent request to your recipient.


Much faster and significant cost reduction
compared to registered mail services.


The unique Pronotif dashboard allows you to view, track and be updated on the status of your emails.

Real-time tracking

Track and manage all your certified emails by viewing their status. Know exactly when your recipients have received, opened, and downloaded your notifications.

Alerts and notifications

Keep control over your communications. Be notified whenever someone interacts with your certified notifications.

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Real Estate Professionals

Legal Professionals